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This Ridiculous World Guide: China – Walls

China loves Walls. Chinese people build walls everywhere. Some are great, some are less so. Many serve multiple purposes such as advertising, keeping people in, keeping people out, hiding something from view, indicating property line, etc. Usually, when a wall isn’t tall enough to deter ninjas, they line the top with shards of glass. Some walls are made of bricks or cement. Others aren’t even real walls, but they keep people from seeing. Sometimes, when there is nothing better to do, China will build a new wall to cover up an old one. The Chinese are very wise – they know that it is easier to hide than to fix.

All over the world countries recognize that children are a very important resource. China has combined this knowledge with their love of walls. Though the project is only in its infant stage, and certainly still has a few kinks, the construction of walls made from children is said by most wall experts to be extremely progressive. It has also been called a substantial breakthrough in sustainable wall material development for an otherwise depleted future.

Location: Everywhere There is Something to Hide
Cost: Free
Domestic Attention Level: Varies From Wall to Wall

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