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Nanjing, CHINA – There is a new odor floating around the streets of China as of late, causing more puckered noses and headaches: paint. Groups of young patriots have taken it upon themselves to increase the Redness of their nominally Communist country – in quite a literal sense. Aside from hanging the national flag and plastering surfaces with stickers, these activists have begun spraying and smearing various objects with bright red paint. One eager participant explained, “We were very concerned about all the talk of making China green. Green is not the color China. So where did this idea come from? Well, there are many theories. Green is the color of watermelon rinds, and in Chinese, you know, the word for watermelon, (xi gua), means ‘Western Melon.’ Clearly this is a sign of foreign influence.” When asked if they understood the correlation between the term ‘green’ and environmentalism and health, one group of painters just scoffed. “That is ridiculous,” said one young man. “The environment is brown, not green.” He then lifted a bucket of red paint and dumped it into a nearby stream.

2 Responses to “MAKING CHINA MORE RED”

  1. Don Tai says:

    Yes, this is odd today, but it has been done before even more rediculously. During the Cultural Revolution the colour red showed how patriotic you were. Some Red Guards tried to change the meaning of traffic lights, so that you would go on red, and stop on green. After all, red is the colour of China, isn’t it?

    The Red Guards stopped that “red means go” after numerous traffic accidents. Still, regardless of international convention, I would have liked to see the chaos it would have caused.

  2. They still go on red, and the chaos is getting worse by the month.

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