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Life of Pig: a fable

Two pigs beget one. Such is the way of pigs, as it has been since the beginning. In the first months, Pig rolls amid the muck, snorts his own excrement, and eats whatever morsels and collected orts are deposited into his sty. It is a base life, one of pure sensory perception, instinct, and consumption, but Pig is content, for he is fed and fat. Pig knows no other happiness.

Pig grows. He grows so much that he matches his begetters in size, and soon the sty is crowded. For the first time, Pig is aware of his self in relation to other objects. He sees that the blubbery form that is his own body is restricted by his environment, that there is limited space. Pig feels confined; he curses the unmoving lines and other space-occupying entities around him. Eventually, Pig is forced to action, and he decides to make the cramped sty less cramped – though his cannibalistic means only make his own shape larger, and so he finds that three minus two is not so simple of an equation as he had thought.

Soon something comes to pass. Pig is snorting about his sty when he perceives and is enticed by an edible thing in a human hand. Pig attempts to bite it, as his instinct instructs, but instead of a mouthful he receives a sudden blow upon the skull; everything goes black in the mind of Pig.

Pig wakes upon a strange moving vessel. Though he squirms he cannot shift his position. All he can see is dust – a gray-brown swirling sea.

Unable to move, unable to eat, Pig begins to think. It is a peculiar experience at first, and it brings great fear. However, as much as he tries to stop, he continues to find himself pondering, reflecting, doubting. He sees the grayness all around him and wonders if perhaps it had always been that way, if perhaps he had never actually been in a sty, stomping about the slop. Pig considers too the possibility that there is only he, that the other beings which had caused such irritation had been illusory. He realizes that it is just as easy to devour other things within his mind as it was with his mouth.

Just when his thoughts have settled into a comfortable solipsism, the vessel comes to a halt. Pig feels the restraints around his body loosen and recalls the sensation of movement he had once known. Though confused, he snorts with relief at the return of the world. Pig’s rejoicing does not last long, for soon after his cloven feet are upon the ground, another blow is landed upon his skull. This time, he does not awake.

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