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Nanjing, CHINA – “I just wanted to give them something fun for the holidays. I know they like to watch cartoons. I thought it would be a good treat and might further explain Frosty the Snowman’s story, since they studied it,” said the frazzled teacher over the howling chaos of the classroom.

The trouble began when the Technology Boy couldn’t open the media player. “A crowd of at least ten students formed around the computer console to shout orders at him in Chinese. He turned red, began to cry and retreated back to his desk where he sat moping with his head on his arms the rest of class. Finally, one of the students unplugged the flash drive, reinserted it and opened the program from the pop-up window.

“The movie started immediately, the screen was lowered and the projector turned on, but unfortunately the images on both the computer and the projector were inverted. Also, there was no volume,” the teacher explained “-But the kids didn’t seem to mind that.”

At the sight of the upside-down cartoon the students turned into primates, banging on their desks and making guttural calls at each other. Some ran to the back of the classroom to do headstands against the wall, and many of the students laid down, their backs on the dirty cement floor, pointing their chins towards the ceiling, while more still curved backward over their desks like acrobats. The group at the console tried for 10 minutes to flip the image. The real pandemonium began at the sound of the bell, which alerted the children to the fact that their watching a cartoon at school was not meant to be. A mob formed around the technology boy and the teacher fled the building. The situation was finally resolved by a rumor of the approach of the homeroom teacher.

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