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Improvement: a fable

The chickens lived in a tight, dark coop full of poop. They slept on poop, walked on poop, and on many occasions mistook poop for grain and ate it. The chickens also looked at poop all day long. They thought nothing of their situation, of the darkness and excremental view. They were chickens, and did not think much of anything.

One day the chickens were loaded into a cart and taken far away from their coop. They squawked the entire distance. Eventually they were unloaded into a new cage, one made of gray metal bars. It as not as dark as their old cage, and at first there was no poop to be seen, stepped on, or eaten. The chickens were stacked vertically, and had windows from which they could look out upon the passing world. A corner view, no less!

The chickens loved their new home, and thought it a great improvement – which, in many ways, it truly was. But they were still chickens, and they were still in a cage, and the very openness that revealed to them the glorious world of the street corner also made it much easier for hungry passersby to choose their dinner; and the accommodating metal bars through which they loved to stick their twitching chicken heads also made it much easier for the cleaver to sever their necks; and before long their new cage was filled with poop. But they were chickens, and they never thought about that.

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