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Dear Young Chinese Man with the Crazy Hair

Dear Young Chinese Man with the Crazy Hair,

We apologize for our forward manner. Also, for our presence, which seems to be causing great displeasure. We do not mean to offend.

Despite the title we have given you, your hair does not concern us – although it is curious. What troubles us is your face. You appear unsatisfied. No, maybe that isn’t quite the right word – perhaps pissy would best describe your furled lip and downward angled eyebrows and overall crumpled mug.

We understand. You have not invented that indolent slouch. We have felt your same angst – it is universal, I believe, to feel misunderstood or out of place. Perhaps it is worse here, or at least more pronounced. You are, after all, set against a backdrop of inescapable, soul-draining greyness. But, there is color there too. Alas! That is the unending cycle of the young, to look so longingly past everything that you could ever need, and thus never reach contentment.

We wonder if your facial contortions aren’t representative of the contradicting desires wrestling in your mind – the struggle of rejecting what came before you while at the same time blindly embracing all that it has brought you. Of course, you must rebel – it is only natural for your generation. But have you succeeded? We see you have gladly shunned your parent generation’s blue-blazer craze and their parents’ unflattering smocks and uniform green shoes, and have replaced them with an edgy style better suited to represent your latent individuality. But we must say that, even in this small Chinese city of 4 million people, you are anything but a novelty, not that we know anything of the presumed nuances of Chinese male hairstyling (although the look does hearken back to the glory days of Rod Stewart).

Or maybe our entire analysis has been unsound, and you simply mistook me for some reputable photographer, perhaps covertly snapping shots for a new candid fashion magazine. If so, you strike a hell of a pose.


This Ridiculous World

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