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Dear Tiny Pink Lamb We Saw Bouncing in That Man’s Basket

Dear tiny pink lamb we saw bouncing in that man’s basket,

I just want you to know we appreciate you. Our block and a half walk to campus is filled with many exciting and strange things, between passing the metal smithing shop without catching a spark in the eye and avoiding piles of feces or noodles on the sidewalk, we are always looking for new pleasures.

One step from our gate was all it took this fateful day. You – in the left “stick over the shoulder basket” of the set that agile old man was hauling down the street – looked so peaceful. You were bare, pink-skinned like a human or pig. Head, tongue, and front legs hanging from the basket, bouncing with each step. Your rhythm was hypnotizing. We, staring like children, hungrily soaking in the details your situation. You were sleeping with your eyes open, ready for a day of frolicking or whatever it is that tiny pink lambs do. If you saw us, please be in touch. We speak of you often and wonder how you are.


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