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Dear Running Child/Dear Running Child of Yesteryear


Dear Running Child,

Do you have any idea how lucky you are? Free is really the only word that fully embodies it. You have freedom to to run as only befits a child. Your world is complete within you. Your most cherished possession (though you don’t know it) is a selfishness that will grow socially unacceptable with maturity, a possession so much yours that there exists no fear whatsoever of losing it. With this selfishness you are free and free is you.

Now you are confused. We will get to the point for it is well known that a side effect of this selfishness is limited attention to others.

In this narrowly focussed world – your current world – you are powerful. With this power, you are capable of changing things. This is our point. The game has just begun and everyone is still learning the rules – a glorious form of control that, as a child, you are too young to understand and, paradoxically, will disappear with first recognition or question. Now, if you run from a monster or a monstrous situation things are likely to change. Problems arise and are taken care of. You have no commitment to that monster for, as a child, you are free.

So young friend, this is merely a reminder. You are powerful and free, use it wisely and run!


This Ridiculous World

… … … … … … … … …


Dear Running Child of Yesteryear,

We are writing you this letter for two reasons: one, to remind you that you were free, and two, to inform you that this freedom is not everlasting. That’s right – I believe we mentioned it in our previously letter, back when you were disinclined to listen. Now that you are somewhere between 25 and 29, it is important that you begin to recognize that your most cherished possession is as inappropriate as carrying around a giant teddy bear, wearing a diaper and sucking your thumb. Your run has long since turned into a moping gait, though perhaps it is the cheap stilettos you insist on wearing. And did you even notice that your ability to change things is gone or do you really think you are fooling people with those layers of face paint?

Denying it only makes it worse. You can keep running, but you won’t find it. That freedom is gone. As you grew, laughing and crying and experiencing the world infused you with foreign characteristics. Each time you used your power a small hole was created and this hole was instantly filled with something new, from outside your world.

Now, at this age, you are a thousand different characteristics. Your freedom and power in that simple singular selfish form is gone, for that you is gone. So, open your eyes, take a look around, this is you and you are this.

Embrace it and run with it.

Good Luck,

This Ridiculous World

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