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Dear Recycled Hand

Dear Recycled Hand,

To begin, I must say that it is noble of you to sacrifice yourself to the cause. It’s a thankless job with high expectations and high stress. We notice that you are the Left. If you are anything like our country, I suppose the Right is in the “Unrecyclable” bin next to yours. We always thought it strange that the Left and the Right could be such similar parts of the same whole but think themselves so different.

Our the Right enjoys picking up shiny trash to distract itself from the fact that it is wallowing in a shallow but sweltering can of waste – is this how yours is? As for you, the Left, we see you have ventured from your small world. That’s great! We wonder, though, are you waving to the outside for help or just reaching for a familiar handshake or high-five? Either way, I suppose it’s better than having never left the can at all.

How is it in there anyway? From out here it doesn’t look so bad. It would be nice if you could try to contain yourself a little better though – it seems your stench pervades all corners of the globe. Maybe it’s time you changed your bag.

What are we saying? You’re a recycled hand for a reason. You know what you’re doing and the trash knows what you’ll do. A new bag could spoil everything you’ve accomplished over the last few decades.

Well, I guess we should leave you to your business. Sorry if we bothered you.


This Ridiculous World

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