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Dear Possibly Lonely Frog/Toad Creature in the Supermarket

Dear Possibly Lonely Frog/Toad Creature in the Supermarket,

Hello, we’ve noticed you in the turtle tank. You are the only one of your hoppy species in the seafood section. It made us wonder, are you a delicacy? If so, how does that make you feel? Do delicacies get lonely like the rest of us? I apologize if you are not a delicacy – our questions may be perceived as presumptuous and perhaps, if you didn’t meet the delicacy grade, you will be offended by our forwardness. We do not mean to offend. We just wanted to make conversation as we extend a neighborly greeting in case those turtles are not so friendly. So, hello, welcome to the neighborhood, and feel free to call on us if you need to borrow oil or spices or anything.


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