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Dear Person Who Left that Tarp Piled High With Feces Outside Our Apartment

Dear Person Who Left that Tarp Piled High With Feces Outside Our Apartment,

Seeing as this is the center of a large city, tens, perhaps hundreds of miles from the nearest farmland where your rank hoard might be considered useful, we understand your confidence in leaving it unattended for the last 10 days.

However, the reason this massive quantity of what appears to be (and smells like) herbivore excrement was brought to this cement coated high-rise haven in the first place is not immediately clear. In fact, the whole situation reeks of mystery – so much so that we cannot stop ourselves from supposing.

Scenario A: You are the operator of a horribly indiscreet meth lab.

Scenario B: You plan to fill the foreigners’ apartments as soon as they leave for Spring Festival holiday, causing them to believe the absurd and unlikely idea that their homes were used for cattle grazing in their absence – Great prank by the way.

Scenario C: Giant Cows.

It must be one of those. We’ll make it easy for you.

Please circle the most correct answer.

1. Meth lab
2. Prank
3. Giant Cows
4. All of the Above

Waiting to exhale. Please answer quickly.


This Ridiculous World

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