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Dear Men Who Swim in the Great River

Dear Men Who Swim in the Great River,

It is January. It is cold. These days I wear a thick down coat to stay warm. So do you, I see – it is waiting here in your umbrella with your slacks, sweater, and square-toed leather shoes. You have left these items to fend for themselves while you splash amongst the barges, trash and tourist ships with your buoy and speedo.

Why? This is clearly not a healthy activity; the pollution in the water is even greater than that of the air. The temperature of the water is even less than that of the air. The vehicles of the water are even larger and less predictable than those of the land. Why?

This is what we wonder as we watch the heads of you and your companions disappear and reappear amongst the docks and boats, near the shore and far out in the open water. We hold our breath as you vanish between ships and can only exhale when we see your buoy bouncing happily in the wake.


This Ridiculous World

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