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Dear Guard

Dear Guard,

Your laughter intrigues us. It is a body-rocking, foot-stomping, mouth-open, soundless laugh directed only towards those books with which you saturate yourself. You do not even so much as glance up at the mirror to determine if we are intruders, no, you are in a different world. A world outside this scattered compound you call work, home, and life.

You – so old – with a life so young. You know all concerning the comings and goings of the thousand people who live enclosed by the walls that surround these apartment buildings. Alone in your one-room shack, the loose pane of your single window serves as a constant reminder of a job never finished. With each rattle you become alert, your mind disturbed into a process of identifying the source – a passing bus or a late arrival seeking entry to their home.

We like you.

We recognize the qualities of a complacent genius, and though you can’t be over eighteen years of age, you are content to stay confined to the 30 or so feet between the main gate and your shack. As you play cards with the old women it becomes evident what has happened- you have skipped right over the middle of life, from 17 to 80. This is why your laughter intrigues us.

There is something still young about it. Something inspiring. Something about the way you are oblivious to the cold, the gray, the contagious pain of those who really do feel trapped by the compound walls, or by the city, or the country, or the world. These trivialities don’t bother you. Your mind is happy escaping like a child to the imaginative land bound by nothing within itself.

Don’t sell this land. Stay there, plant some trees, build a home and continue to share it, as a gift, with casual spectators like us.

The whatwhats

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