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Dear Dog of Mine

Editor’s Note: You’ve seen a dog on a motorcycle before, right?

Dear Dog of Mine,

I am posting this picture for you. Not because I want to eat you or scare you or make you sick, but because I want you to love me more. I want you to see how horribly dogs are treated in some places. Aren’t you happy that you are not food? Aren’t you happy that I don’t take you to places where you might be confused for it?

I can’t tell if you are wagging your tail because you are happy and this picture makes you love me more or if it’s because I said food.

Listen dog, I know I made you very sad when I packed my suitcase and left you in that big warm house with your dog friend and the nice people and the three chase-able cats. You made such a sad face that my soul melted and I will forever think of that moment which caused us both such harm.

I see you now in pictures. You’re not sad at all. No, even when you had that ridiculous cone on your head and stitches in your paw you had a huge tongue hanging out grin. I was sad for you. I missed you, until I saw this evidence that you have completely forgotten me. That is why I send you this shocking photo. So that you will remember me and love me more because I didn’t bring you here where you could be food. Is it working?

Thinking of you,


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