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Dear Different Fish

Dear Different Fish,

You know who you are. The freak. You’re the strange one in the line – the oddball, the novelty, the outsider. We see you dangling there, in what appears to be a rather uncomfortable position, and we can’t help but wonder – what makes you hang amongst those others?

Don’t you have a school of your own? A calm, familiar pool somewhere with other fish like you? Why swim so far from home, in the briny, stinky depths, with those funny-sounding fish – you know you’ll never be like them.

Or perhaps that’s why you like it there. Maybe you enjoy the endless googley eyes and fin gestures. Maybe you like trying to make sense of their bizarre glug-a-glugs.

Tell us – what was it like in the sea? We’ve heard things, of course, but we don’t really know. The water is so murky, and all that coral surely filters out the facts. But you! You were in the deepest deep, flapping in the weeds and eating with the bottom-feeders. There are millions, maybe even billions, of other fish down there. It must be unbearably crowded. Is there even room to swim? And we know what the other fish do in the water (we still can’t believe they blow bubbles right in the stream!). Did you dream of clean currents and the clearness of the open surface?

We suppose you’ve done something right – you could have been tossed to the dock like the stragglers down below, but you made it to the hooks. Still, you aren’t exactly part of the line. You’ve been separated, along with that silvery fillet-to-be, and hung out on the fringe. But can it ever be any other way? You’ll never belong, not with that face.

So, good luck, different fish. Try not to drink to much of that dark, dirty water, and stay away from sharks.


This Ridiculous World

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