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Dear Blue Sky

Dear Blue Sky,

The other day, when you first presented yourself, swapping places with the usual toxic gray screen, we were glad. To be honest, we had begun to doubt your existence. After weeks of wading through throat-stinging particulate matter and squinting to make out even an outline of the nearby skyline, one forgets that anything else is possible. Thus, waking to a pristine cerulean sky, we were overjoyed.

But then we started to worry. After all, should you really be here? Haven’t you been banished? As far as I understand – and correct me if I’m wrong – this country’s government has officially declared war on the Environment, to which I believe you may technically belong. The government’s decision was apparently inspired by its brothers-in-name the War on Drugs and the War on Terror, which clearly demonstrate the following maxim: “declaring war on a complex system contained under a vague, ambiguous term invariably promotes that system’s growth and proliferation.”

What else would explain this country’s defiantly unilateral strategy of combating global warming with the unrestrained burning of coal and other fossil fuels? And the whole world watched as they bombarded the sky with explosives to control the weather prior to the Olympic Games. There’s no telling what they might do.

Really, you should be careful, and not just because of the threat of projectiles. As you should know, the presence of clear, beautiful skies and a radiant, warming sun has the tendency to draw swarms of people out of their dark, depressing domiciles and into open spaces. While this shouldn’t be an issue, I can’t help but remember a disturbing statistic I once heard: If every person in China were to stand outside and cast a full shadow, the earth would immediately freeze. I know, it sounds far-fetched, but can we really afford to take any chances?


This Ridiculous World

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