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They Know Something We Don’t Know

And with one foul stroke of the artist’s pen, out goes the rumor of American Utopia, flushed as carelessly as the product the new America sells so well. A barefoot, sleepy-eyed non-Asian, sleeves rolled up, scrubbing on hands and knees while the peppy t.p. awaits his duty – the happiest moment of the poor working sap’s day.


“Coming From America Premium Quality”

Reeking of sarcasm, as though the years of American complaints over the “cheap Chinese crap” they keep buying anyway have finally echoed back to the ears that originally labored to create it. “Dear USA” the packaging may as well read, “Thanks for MacDonalds and KFC, you’ve made us rich by creating a demand for soft-tissue to relieve the aching of plugged ass-holes.”

And my, what a mess we’ve made. It’s as though this bathroom tissue is from the future! Can you see McCain or Obama on their knees scrubbing up our wars and economy? No, perhaps not. And when America, in all its corporate splendor, begins to supply miscellaneous products to the outrageously large Chinese population who has taken over, and perhaps even named America its most Western province, this toilet paper company will not even have to change its packaging. Genius, really.

This is what I think of every time I sit down to do my business and see this picture. So, thank you “Lotusoft,” thank you for slipping up and alerting us to our obvious decline and inevitable future. For the time being, we will tie you up in a legal battle with the charge of “Crimes Against Posterity.”

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