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Chinese Kids Embrace Holiday Spirit – Dreidel Song Video


Through personal choice, we are not religious. We do, however, know and tolerate a few people who are (yes, I suppose this makes us good). As the sun sets around the world today millions of people will light the first candles of the holiday and some lucky children/adults will receive the first of many presents. In honor of this tradition we give you:

Mike’s Chinese Students Performing the Dreidel Song

2 Responses to “Chinese Kids Embrace Holiday Spirit – Dreidel Song Video”

  1. Matthew says:

    Absolutely brilliant. I wish I had done this in my first year instead of teaching a bunch of first graders some Xmas song that I didn’t want to sing.

    Did you at least teach them about Hanukkah to go with the song?

  2. Laowai? says:

    Haha, look what a student of a Chinese friend sent me:

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