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China’s Route to the Future

While perhaps neglecting common sense, this Yichang man is actually obeying traffic laws. That is, he’s driving on the right-hand side of the road. Unfortunately, he ran into a rough patch of concrete and lodged his rear wheel between two slabs of what was recently a smooth section of road. In the past few weeks, many of the streets of this small city have been reduced to heaps of rubble and ditches, in part what we can only assume is a massive and carefully-planned “beautification” project.

W.D.W. Esquire sent us this LA Times article about the absurd cycle of road construction and destruction in Chongqing, China. The roads are essentially in a constant state of incompletion, either being ruined or repaired. This sort of shortsighted civic maintenance seems to be the standard practice all over China, and certainly extends beyond roads. While some of this cycle can be attributed to overpopulation and the ignoring of load limits, the complete lack of efficiency is so blatant that it sometimes seems intentional, as if the whole system is nothing but a grand scheme to ensure future employment for China’s giant workforce. Or maybe, like the man spinning his tire in the wreckage, China’s builders just don’t bother to think ahead.

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