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China Mourns Quake Victims

If the video doesn’t show go here.

At 2:28 PM Monday the 19th, heads all over China bowed for 3 minutes of silence in remembrance of the tens of thousands that were killed a week ago by the 7.8 magnitude earthquake. Here in Yichang, the closest city to the Three Gorges Dam, where the quake was felt but did not cause damage, the city fell silent at around 2:27. After a few moments the streets erupted in a cacophony of horns, sirens, and fireworks causing even the birds in the tree above our heads to become quiet.

Across the normally full basketball court, in the middle left of the screen you can see a teacher and a group of students lined up paying their respect, but, the powerful aspect of this video is the sound. The haunting howl noise that appears when the car horn finally stops is more telling than picture or words.

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