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A Chinese Car Accident in Three Parts

Attn: Outside World

We wish to share with you a complete account of the recent remarkable event which unfolded directly below our dusty office window here at This Ridiculous World Headquarters.

Set deep in the remote urban jungles of modern industrial China we witnessed the coming together of human, machine and fire hydrant. The story will be illustrated in three parts as follows:

Scene One: The Incident
In which the tree is in bloom, the vehicle-tree-hydrant meet abruptly, water streams forth, people crowd, the water is shut off, the law arrives, the crowd disperses and the insurance man photographs.
Cast: Tree, Audi, Woman, Construction Workers, Elderly, Babies, City Worker, The Law, Insurance Man
Time Span: 1 hour

Scene Two: The Rescue
In which a man in a business suit, two children, a teen, and a few old men push the car from the hydrant, the tow truck arrives, the damage is surveyed, loose parts are collected and all parties depart.
Cast: Family of Woman (no woman), Elderly Men, Tow Truck Operator
Time Span: 2 hours

Scene Three: The Aftermath
In which soil is hawked, cement is mixed, the hydrant is replaced, months pass, the plot is empty and, eventually, the tree is replaced.
Cast: Two City Workers, Dirt Purchaser, Sweet Potato Salesperson, New Tree
Time Span: 2 months

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  1. lucy says:

    Don’t forget the part where the man who crashes the car pays 100rmb (depending on how angry the other guy is) to the guy he crashed into :p

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