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Skyline full of Fireworks at Chinese New Year

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China Instructional Videos: Episode 2

How to Properly Cross the Street: A Lesson In Efficiency Follow these 5 easy steps: 1. Walk slowly, never fully stopping, for if you interrupt your flow the way will be lost. 2. Look neither left nor right. 3. Ignore all vehicles, especially large ones. The acknowledgment of their existence means acknowledging their superiority. 4. […]

China Instructional Videos: Episode 1

How To Properly Dispose of Your Excess Waste httpv:// Follow these five easy steps: 1. Remember that nothing ensures safety more than acting casual. Forgo the superfluity of traffic cones or flashing lights. 2. Procure a large container on wheels (similar to a garbage can) for the purpose of transporting your waste to the dumping […]

Chinese Kids Embrace Holiday Spirit – Dreidel Song Video

HAPPY HANUKKAH! Through personal choice, we are not religious. We do, however, know and tolerate a few people who are (yes, I suppose this makes us good). As the sun sets around the world today millions of people will light the first candles of the holiday and some lucky children/adults will receive the first of […]

China Mourns Quake Victims

If the video doesn’t show go here. At 2:28 PM Monday the 19th, heads all over China bowed for 3 minutes of silence in remembrance of the tens of thousands that were killed a week ago by the 7.8 magnitude earthquake. Here in Yichang, the closest city to the Three Gorges Dam, where the quake […]

Dear Young Man Using Your Motorcycle to Blow Bubbles in the Yangtze

Dear Young Man Using Your Motorcycle to Blow Bubbles in the Yangtze, I don’t know who you impressed more: us, the woman doing her laundry, or the man soaking his motorcycle downstream. To be honest, your objective was unclear. Our top three theories as to what exactly it was that you were doing are: 1. […]

The War on Dreams: Part I

SITUATION ROOM Voice over: “Yes, hello Jack. In this alarming footage, captured deep behind enemy lines, you see the brave soldiers valiantly fighting for their country. China’s “War on Dreams” – stemming from the same vein as America’s Wars on Drugs, Terror, Mexican workers, Education, Health Care, old people, young people, fresh air and rainbows […]

Stuff People Ingest Voluntarily episode 4

“I’ve got a video of an octopus trying to climb its way out of the pan it is being cooked alive in.”Editor’s Note: Yes Laz. This is skin-tinglingly foul and perfect for the category. Thank you. Please send more. Share this: