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Questioning China’s Q.E.D.s

Questioning China’s Q.E.D.s: The Promising Youth

They stared at us with apprehension and doubt – contorted brows and sagging mouths. We had just dropped the great, ever-troublesome three-letter word, the word that, from our experience, invariably draws a confused response: “Why?” The handful of students muttered quickly in Chinese. They knew the word, of course, and it was not our native […]

Questioning China’s Q.E.D.s: Japan is Bad

There is a simple game we often use at the primary school where the students shout out words that begin with the particular letter of the alphabet that they are given. For “A” they invariably say “Apple!” and “America!” and “B” usually brings out “Bakery!” and on and on it goes until we have successfully […]

Questioning China’s QEDs: CHINESE PEOPLE LOVE “I [heart] China” MERCHANDISE

A new Olympic advertising campaign utilizing a popular American rebus raises questions of appropriateness and objective. A few weeks ago one of my better high school students approached me and stated innocently, “My teacher say is very fashion in America to wear shirt which say ‘I heart N-Y.’” She stopped and waited as if she […]