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Pig Flu China 2009: a poem

Pig flu? No, not China. Here the pigs flew. In fact, I may have seen them. Through the coal smoke haze Rose a snouted cumulous storm of shadowy mystery Accompanied by nightmarish squealing Lightening flashed a butcher’s blade And a warm rain commenced It stabbed like sweat at open cuts And turned my white shirt […]

To the Pot: a poem

Duck, duck, upside-down Corn cobs, plastic found A different sort of view – for duck, and me too. The corner is darkest But sometimes the best Bobbing in a basket, an open air casket On route to the pot – You haven’t got a lot. Share this:

Ode to the Ugliest: a poem

You of the snaggled teeth and underbite, (no Spell-Check, not “snuggled,” never snuggled for this beast) of the drool pooling lips and potato-shaped head, your face so empty of symmetry, and suffocating on excess character: Sit. You gnarled mess of pedigreed inbreeding. Do you recognize your disfigurement? Where is your basket? Your sweater? SIT I […]

When Someone Dies: a poem

When someone dies, they’re not dead. Their mind is gone but they’re still in your head. So if you loved them (and you surely did) do what’s best for you both and continue to live. Today This Ridiculous World lost an important reader and wonderful woman. Share this:

The Chinese Workers (Part I): a poem

Heigh-ho, Heigh-hoIt’s home from work we go… But in the morn we won’t head backThey say the machine is going slackThe boss has gone and shut the doorOur cheap-o toys won’t sell no more Heigh-ho, Heigh-ho It’s not to work we go… All those kiddies in the foreign landsWon’t have our toys to fill their […]

Three Men: a poem

Outside our window, down belowIn the noisy, scrambling China showA man in gray shorts of cottonReaches down to scratch his bottom. A king in his palace. Another, in sagging white undies,Formal shoes, but no shirt or tieCasually sparks up a cigaretteAnd stops at the lottery to place a bet. Comfort trumps all. A third, standing […]

Seasick: a poem

When the boat stops moving,That’s when everything startsRuthless and unpredictableLike a drunkard’s stray fistOr like poison My body begins to dismantleEach cell pushes out and awayAnd I am no longer a solid.The liver, the ‘stine, the spleenBecome their own ships afloatand capsize. The mountains tell me how to steadyBut I’m not like them; I’m mostly […]