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Life of Pig: a fable

Two pigs beget one. Such is the way of pigs, as it has been since the beginning. In the first months, Pig rolls amid the muck, snorts his own excrement, and eats whatever morsels and collected orts are deposited into his sty. It is a base life, one of pure sensory perception, instinct, and consumption, […]

Improvement: a fable

The chickens lived in a tight, dark coop full of poop. They slept on poop, walked on poop, and on many occasions mistook poop for grain and ate it. The chickens also looked at poop all day long. They thought nothing of their situation, of the darkness and excremental view. They were chickens, and did […]

Possibility: a fable

Two men sit upon the yellowing grass. They gaze out upon the distant hillside, the calm pond, the trees. “Such a beautiful place,” says the left man. “Always has been.” “Since time began.” The right man says, “There are so many possibilities in a place like this.” “Flowers.” “Fruits and berries.” “Thoughts and dreams.” They […]

Outlet: a fable

Once there was a powerful emperor who lorded over a great portion of the world’s people. The emperor knew that his people were not happy, but he did not care. In fact, their discontent seemed to him to tarnish the image of harmony for which he longed – he felt that by proclaiming harmony, it […]

Competition: a fable

“Gourds for sale! Gourds for sale!” The man in green Mao gear walks slowly through the crowds, peddling his wares. “Traditional Chinese instrument!”The people, dodging his stick device, eye him queerly. “It’s 2008, chump,” says one particularly smart-ass passerby. The man in green is immune to such jibes, having sold cheap tourist goods for most […]

Inheritance: a fable

A man, dressed formally from the belt down, casually above, strolls slowly down the street. He carries his young son in his arms. Soon they come upon a groaning, jerking machine, and they stop to watch as it scoops rubble from the sidewalk. “Look, son,” says the father. “One day that could be yours.” The […]