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Face Value

Face Value

The Nanjing Galaxy Yacht Club floats securely in the yellowish, turbid water of the Yangtze River. The neighborhood – in the northwest of the city, far from the Ming Dynasty wall – is mostly industrial. Not far upstream is the famous Yangtze River Bridge, a dark, ominous shape stretching across the water. There are no […]

New Year Predictions

New Year Predictions

The niu year has now passed. While it may be inauspicious to go digging up old news and past grudges, a quick rummaging through our archives has revealed a few loose tigers, so to speak, which deserve a bit of the spotlight on this festive day. And perhaps they can help us in our unsolicited […]

What My Student Gave Me: an unabridged journal entry

May 20, 2008 – Yichang, China “Dazed morning at the primary school, raspy voice trying to read a book about butterflies over the constant murmurs of the students. One of my students, the one with the possessed eyes, has now given me a little ‘present’ – twice now. Actually, today before class he came up […]

Quarantine vs Guacamole 2009 -OR- Children’s Day: Best Day Ever.

On this holiday in 2008 the Olympic torch passed over the quaint dam nearby and into our city of Yichang. This year’s big event, best known as Swine Flu, made a surprise appearance in the form of an alleged Nanjing city-wide mandate for foreigners to be quarantined (in their personal apartments) for a week upon […]


A young Chinese man who mines his nose for a living is said to have discovered a new and important substance he calls, Yichang Gold. “I was exploring the eastern gallery when all of a sudden I came across a hard foreign feeling substance. I used my extra long leisure nail to scrape it loose. […]

This is What Happens When…

prosticutters teach primary school Share this:

This is What Happens…

when you put all your eggs in one basket Share this:

What Are Sidewalks For? Answer #15

Traces of Progress: Attention to Detail

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What Are Sidewalks For? Answer #14

What We Could Sell if Only We Owned a Tricycle: Idea 9

What We Could Sell if Only We Owned a Tricycle: Idea 9

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Prime Real Estate – Property # HBYC001PRC

The chance of a lifetime! A countryside home fit for royalty – or savagery. As the proud new owner, you could decide its fate. Offering an intricately painted stairwell, large front porch and pristine view, this airy studio sits fewer than 200 steps from the regionally famous Whitehorse cave. “Barbarous” lawn ornaments, hanging corn, warrior […]

Garbage Ninja Report Update

It has been over a year since I last wrote on the Garbage Ninja species. Don’t let this fool you. We have not for one moment slackened our research or field work on the subject. Nor have we been entirely frustrated by a lack of results. You may remember from the original Garbage Ninja Report […]


Yichang, CHINA – There is an old saying: “As goat racing goes so goes the nation.” Unfortunately, if the favorite pastime of central China is the indicator it is said to be, it seems the nation may be in greater danger than previously expected. “It is quite a bad sign,” said Zhang Xiao Lu, director […]

This Ridiculous World Guide: China – Walls

This Ridiculous World Guide: China - Walls

China loves Walls. Chinese people build walls everywhere. Some are great, some are less so. Many serve multiple purposes such as advertising, keeping people in, keeping people out, hiding something from view, indicating property line, etc. Usually, when a wall isn’t tall enough to deter ninjas, they line the top with shards of glass. Some […]

Traces of Progress: Landscaped Parks

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Traces of Progress: Making the Neighborhood Safe

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It appears the entire staff of This Ridiculous World is allergic to the combination of crowds, cold, and booze. They have been rendered worthless as writers and secret keepers. Here is a secret (and though a year old still entirely relevant) post that very few people have ever found. Share this:

Traces of Progress: Private Stalls at the Trough

Editor’s Note: This was an especially great restroom. The men’s side was slightly higher so their waste flowed like a spring stream between your feet while you did your business. Past the lady’s room, the current drifted freely into a farmer’s field. Share this:

What Are Sidewalks For? Answer #11

Keeping the Masses Busy – Puzzles

The question was posed to us with a half-chuckle, by a portly man plucking meat from a pot of boiling oil with chopsticks: “In France,” he said, “They have the same streets for hundreds of years, but here we remake them every year! Why do you think so?” “Maybe the government needs to keep people […]

In the Shadow of the Great Wall

Totally Awesome Picture of the week 52 “Makin it civilized, makin it fine, oh, we’re building a wall, so they can knock down mine!” – verse one of the contemporary workers tune Ode to the Hutongs A renaissance of blue-collar work-related musical creativity seems to be occurring throughout China. “Along with spreading capitalistic tendencies for […]

What Are Sidewalks For? Answer #10

What Are Sidewalks For? Answer #9