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When in China

When in China… Carry Everything on Your Bike

When in China . . . Join the Crowd

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When in China . . . Catch Something Everytime

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When in China . . . Buy Domestic Goods at Affordable Prices

That’s right. We reused that photo. As the loud and insightful Mary Poppin’s character put it, “We does what we like and likes what we do.” Chimneychew-roo. The Nanjing, Jiangsu, China Ikea opened at the end of August and has been packed with modern trend and comfort seekers ever since. Customers arriving by a mixture […]

When in China… Show Your Belly

Actually, that should say: Clap your hands, show your belly and Yell. EEEEeeww. That’s right, eeew as in gross because deodorant is virtually unknown and mid-section modesty is non-existent. This is not just a lao wai passing judgement, this is a lao wai passing on a pertinent warning. Take this man: shirt rolled up passed […]

When in China…Sleep Wherever You Want

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When in China… The Sidewalk is Your Spittoon

A quick gander at the above picture will set the scene and circumstance: a well-dressed man is vending inflatable rat hammers in what appears to be pleasant public space, shaded by full trees, with an expensive car parked on the street, and several passersby. But closer examination reveals that the picture is not so unexceptional […]

When in China… Stop and Stare at Everything

While it is well documented that Chinese people tend to gape at foreigners, it is unfair to leave it at that – they stare indiscriminately at everyone and everything (we once witnessed an entire street of people, ourselves included, gawking bewilderedly at a Chinese man in short, pastel shorts). As you can see, wherever there […]

When in China… Gawk as the Chinese Gawk!

Write it off as a side-effect of decades of isolation? Preposterous! The International Herald Tribune’s Vivian Toy, a Chinese American, recently published this article about her experience visiting China with her children who are half-white half-Chinese. Toy’s scattered story of a defensive American mother reacting to Chinese people being Chinese also offers short notes on […]