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Postcards From Tomorrow Square – a Review

Postcards From Tomorrow Square - a Review

The Escape List: Postcards From Tomorrow Square by James Fallows *Editor’s Note: The Escape List originally existed as a separate identity from TRW. However, as busy readers and watchers we thought we ought to include some exposure for the various China-related (defined as broadly as we decide) media we have ingested and try to put […]

Safety When Driving: Wal-Mart, China, and the American Dream

Safety When Driving: Wal-Mart, China, and the American Dream

Totally Awesome Picture of the Week 2.02 Finally, America’s own version of the Chinese fire drill is over. Close the doors. Time to move on. But in the wake of so many changes, as the anxiety and rage of all sides subsides, it is natural to wonder: what is America? What kind of a place […]

Dear Republican State Senate Candidate Who Mailed Propaganda to China

Dear Republican State Senate Candidate Who Mailed Propaganda to China

Dear Republican State Senate Candidate Who Mailed Propaganda to China, A red rectangle, yellow shapes, a straightforward simple slogan… so imaginative, so fresh! How impressed I was when handed your envelope; how happy I was that someone had thought to send me mail. I felt a swelling urge to announce my support for something. But […]

The Long Lost Vestments of American Reason

The Long Lost Vestments of American Reason

Totally Awesome Picture of the Week 68 In the dark corner of a far away forlorn church stand these three forgotten souls. Bruised, dirty, chipped and abandoned they doze like wallflowers in the shadows as patrons play hooky for every reason but lack of sin. In their bright vestments creased with dust the saints and […]

Traces of Decline: Guns in Schools

(Flexing teenager on his snowmobile speaking to another teenager): “Hey Bobby, got tickets?.. To the Gun Show!” Bobby: “You Betcha! See you in the gym.” “Fun for everyone.” This ad was printed on the front page of the Sunday edition of Alaska’s largest newspaper, the Anchorage Daily News: At least they’re encouraging the kids to […]

Life of Pig: a fable

Two pigs beget one. Such is the way of pigs, as it has been since the beginning. In the first months, Pig rolls amid the muck, snorts his own excrement, and eats whatever morsels and collected orts are deposited into his sty. It is a base life, one of pure sensory perception, instinct, and consumption, […]

Prototype for Alaskan Attorney Discovered at the Chinese Museum

SLIGHTLY MORE PHOTOGENIC AS MAN Shanghai, CHINA – A bust of Eric T. Sanders, was recently found in the ancient sculpture wing of the Shanghai Museum. The well-preserved, roughly-carved giant head – which, incidentally, is often referred to as “The Judge” – was previously thought to be some sort of god, demon or school teacher. […]

The War on Dreams: Part XIII

The War on Dreams: Part XIII

ENVISION THE FUTURE! Behold! The future of warfare! As sleek as a fighter jet, as mobile as a Humvee, and just as necessary for the protection of Freedom and Democracy worldwide! Having discovered the indubitable link between poverty and thrift and the proliferation of senseless dreams, the Department of National Dream Control has revealed a […]

Dear “White Bear”

Dear “White Bear,” WHITE BEAR! Your skin’s hue of Sprite bottles, severe seasickness, and apple candy is cause for concern. Your sallow belly is not hidden behind your crooked tie. Neither is that torso spanning scar. A vicious fight it must have been. Your American flag top hat, raised arms with flashing cards and a […]

The War on Dreams: Part XII

The War on Dreams: Part XII

Attention: What to do if you come across a poster such as this one: smash, destroy, beat, bash, mutilate, hammer, ram, stomp, pound, or otherwise hit until you are certain that all dissenting messages have been fully eradicated! It is your duty as a citizen to protect the sanctity of street-side advertising panels – never […]

The War on Dreams: Part XI

The War on Dreams: Part XI

The crumbling metal plow rolls slowly along its rusty tracks. It has come from one place; it is going to another. The sky is pure – the light falls sharply, drawing with precise contrast the shapes of leaves and trees, of cool striped railings, signposts, idling vehicles, and the eager, anticipating figures of two full-grown […]

Pig Flu China 2009: a poem

Pig flu? No, not China. Here the pigs flew. In fact, I may have seen them. Through the coal smoke haze Rose a snouted cumulous storm of shadowy mystery Accompanied by nightmarish squealing Lightening flashed a butcher’s blade And a warm rain commenced It stabbed like sweat at open cuts And turned my white shirt […]

The War on Dreams: Part X

General: “That’s bullshit. You know it as well as I do that there is no nonpartisan side in this war. You’re either with us or against us. This smarmy news outlet isn’t fooling anyone with your ‘Interviews for Everyone’. You think our people don’t notice those goofy grins or sarcastic comments cleverly inserted through your […]

The War on Dreams: Part IX

The War on Dreams: Part IX

Caging the Lions A general warning issued today by the DNDC [Department of National Dream Control] demonstrated that results were in fact found during its much-criticized, multi-billion dollar, year-long undercover infiltration operation: “Please beware! Among the Dreamers’ secretive and powerful arsenal of WMDs (weapons of mass distraction) rests the epitome of all evil idleness: The […]

Dear Foreign Businessman Who Gave Me a Cigar on the Train from Shanghai

Dear Foreign Businessman Who Gave Me a Cigar on the Train from Shanghai, I still have the cigar, by the way, which you so generously handed me after we had exchanged no more than ten words – mere pleasantries between strangers on a train – as you and your wife were stalled in the aisle […]

Dear Children Who So Easily Submit to the Mob

Dear Children Who So Easily Submit to the Mob, Jesus Christ! That is a sight to behold – a sight to bemoan. Thank goodness we were trapped in a rolling Volkswagen, safe from the indiscriminate reactions of youth unhinged. In the haze of prepubescent madness it seems even my camera lens was blurred, but the […]


Nanjing, CHINA – A recent series of public posters hopes to bolster the average Chinese person’s understanding of foreign emotions through the study of common facial expressions. The posters, which are a project of a local magazine, display eight “faces,” each meant to represent a particular feeling, attitude, or intention, all of which have been […]

Little Red Killing Hood

Totally Awesome Picture of the Week 58 A Bedtime Story Once there lived a little gun made of the finest metals called Little Red Killing Hood. She was a spoiled gun as both her Country and the World loved her very much. One day, when her Country was making trouble, it said, “My child, you […]

The Art of Architecture in 21st Century Urban China

Totally Awesome Picture of the Week 56 Once upon a time, shelter was constructed from only so much as sticks, mud, and skin. The functionality of these primitive structures was basic and limited. They provided mild protection from the elements and a sense of warmth to cold bodies. To the inhabitants of the era they […]

Dear G. Bush

Dear G. Bush, We apologize for your given title (the G, of course, is short for Garbage), which we realize is unfortunately similar to the name of our infamous leader, the number 1 American, the grand dunce of Washington, G.W. Bush, who, for slightly more than a week, will continue to be all of those […]

Buy it, Yell it, Sell it: “YES WE CAN!”

Totally Awesome Picture of the week 49 “The power of Dreams! The Happiest Place on Earth. Think outside the bun! Taste the rainbow. Just do it! Be all that you can be. Just for the taste of it! Have it your way. Obey your thirst! I’m lovin’ it. They’re GRRREAT! Melts in your mouth, not […]

Dear Alaska 2

Dear Alaska, OK! We have to admit you had us. We really thought you wanted to reelect crooked old Uncle Ted. We are silly gullible fools. What a wonderful dosage of humility! For that we thank you. Next, we must issue an apology. We were wrong. You’re only a little less than half as dumb […]

Foreign Stamps

Totally Awesome Picture of the Week 48 All right, my students. So this is how it is. You fill up our prestigious universities and we pay for you to do it. Sounds good huh? It is, of course, conditional. Here, read the handbook: “To begin with, you must give up the absurd notion that KFC […]

Dear Alaska

Dear Alaska, You are so embarrassing. How can a state that is so beautiful be so dumb? Oh wait, that makes perfect sense. Thank you Sarah Palin for representing us to a T. Sincerely, This Ridiculous World Share this: